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Affiliate Links For Marketing Tools

Here is a list of tools we use at Axer Strategies to manage our client's work and overall digital marketing.

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We highly recommend Wix for its continued commitment to improving its web-based platform. Plans are affordable, and they give you so many marketing benefits - all in one place!

Rely on their excellent customer service and support team.

Message us to get started. 

Ecommerce - 


If you are a store/merchant selling products, then you want to be on Shopify. 

Besides its excellent customer service, you'd get access to the best apps to connect you to marketplaces like Facebook, Instagram Shop, Google Merchant Center,, Amazon, and many more! 

Message us to get started. 

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Project Management Tool

We manage several projects across many different clients who like to see things in their own way. Well, can keep up with that and make your work more efficient. You spend less time project managing and more time executing or creating new strategies. Plus, it connects to everything, and it's a great central hub for all our work. 

If automation is something you've been meaning to explore and add to your business operations, contact us, and we can show you our board setup. 

Sart project managing with a great cross-platform tool - click over to for a free trial, with no credit card required. 

Accounting / Bookkeeping Tool


We highly recommend you find a solution with Quickbooks. They've gamified the process of organizing your transactions. So when Tax Day comes, we're ready. At the end of every month, we know exactly where we stand and what our budget forecast looks like. 

Accounting and Bookkeeping sound complicated, but Intuit has made it easy.  Try it! 


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SEO / SEM / Reporting / Social Tool

We're focused on success and efficiency. SEMRush aligns with those key values because we can find the best SEO opportunity, do cross-platform reporting, and post to multiple social media profiles. 

They're constantly adding features to their already awesome platform. 

Contact us to get a walk-through of how we use this platform for our client's digital marketing or you can click here to get started with SEMRush.

Design & Creative

We love great design and eye-catching ads that make you feel something good. But you have to do a bit of a balancing act to make your brand fit your audience and the industry. Canva enables anyone to play with their idea - make it feel your own and even enable you to speak the design language.

Our team uses Canva to build minimal viable products quickly. Clients love that they get into the platform to give feedback or further explain their vision.

We advocate for Canva because great design is within reach, and we think everyone should know! 

Here is our referral link to get started on Canva!



This AI can pretty much get you out of any copywriting block. It's useful for all your marketing needs but so much more! Do you need to brainstorm? This is a great tool for that. 

AI's are writing a ton of the internet's content. Learn to use them to your advantage. 

Here is our referral link to get started!

Copywriting Grader

Copywriting is where most people get stuck with marketing. Now, you don't have to be an expert copywriter. You can use the help of an AI to write that social media post or blog article.


Yep, all true. 

Here is our referral link to get 20% off.


Freelance Marketplace


Fiverr is your outsourced marketplace for design. Connect to freelancers with proven experience using Fiverr’s Rising Talent badge or find the perfect professional for your job quickly and easily using Fiverr’s quality smart algorithm tool.

Call tracking + AI 


CallRail is a marketing analytics and call tracking software. It offers a range of features that allow businesses to track calls, texts, forms, and chats as easily as they track clicks. This functionality enables users to gain valuable insights into their marketing efforts and customer interactions.


The primary purpose of CallRail is to help businesses understand where their leads are coming from and how effectively their marketing strategies are performing.

Whether for online advertising, paid search, or even print ads, CallRail simplifies the process of tracking and analyzing marketing efforts.


24/7 Virtual Receptionist and Live Chat Solution

Ruby is a US-based company that offers live virtual receptionists and chat services. Ruby's 24/7 support system includes virtual receptionists that can greet callers and engage with website visitors. 

Property Management Software

Lodgify is a property management software for vacation rentals that streamlines booking, website creation, reservations, and payment processing.

Automate your vacation rental business and discover the time-saving tools you need to grow your business.


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