Our Mission / Vision

Currently on a mission to enable our clients to do marketing online and gear them up for Web 3.0

We are a cutting-edge digital marketing agency on the verge of a paradigm shift. At Axer Strategies, we enable our clients to do marketing online and gear them up for web 3.0 because we understand that the future of marketing is the future of technology and media.

Our key differentiators: Our thinking outside the box and ability to keep tabs on emerging technology that could impact the business and its ability to do marketing.

We are marketing experts, strategists, and innovators who work with our clients to enable them to do marketing strategically and effectively.

David Estrada

CEO / Founder

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Marketing leader with a strong sense of direction and drive to innovate.


Axer Strategies is redefining the rules of marketing in this decade. Instead of just making websites, we make integrated marketing programs that deliver a full range of online and offline solutions to drive results.

-David Estrada


Our focus is on getting our clients the best return on their marketing investment. Unlike traditional agencies, we keep hard costs low and partner with independent subject matter experts and specialists from our vetted network only as needed. 


Our team's success depends on connecting the right marketing professionals and experts to the work our clients need. Every partnership is tailored to match experience with opportunity. 

We've built a team of highly qualified and diversely skilled subject matter experts to call on for all of our projects. 


​Let's do this your way. When you're ready to take the next step for your brand, 

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