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  • About Us | Axer Strategies

    Our Mission / Vision Axer Strategies is a top-tier marketing firm that offers a comprehensive range of marketing services to clients from various industries, including cybersecurity, law firms, software, e-commerce retail, and medium-sized businesses. With a commitment to efficiency and affordability, Axer continues to help its clients reach their marketing objectives. It's proud to be at the forefront of the growing trend of Hispanic-led businesses in the marketing industry. David Estrada CEO / Founder Marketing leader with a strong sense of direction and drive to innovate. OUR FOUNDER “ Axer Strategies is redefining the rules of marketing in this decade. Instead of just making websites, we make integrated marketing programs that deliver a full range of online and offline solutions to drive results. ” ​ -David Estrada AXER NETWORK AGENCY ACCOLADES SCALE YOUR TEAM ON DEMAND Our focus is on getting our clients the best return on their marketing investment. Unlike traditional agencies, we keep hard costs low and partner with independent subject matter experts and specialists from our vetted network only as needed. SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS Our team's success depends on connecting the right marketing professionals and experts to the work our clients need. Every partnership is tailored to match experience with opportunity. ​ We've built a team of highly qualified and diversely skilled subject matter experts to call on for all of our projects. Axer Network LET'S GET STARTED ​Let's do this your way. When you're ready to take the next step for your brand, call, text, email, or connect with us on social media. 469-447-8858 Find us on LinkedIn

  • Digital Marketing Tools, Strategy & Services | Axer Strategies

    MARKETING SOLUTIONS WITHOUT BOUNDARIES Axer Strategies Services In addition to our core team of marketing experts, we've built a vast network that brings specialized skills and years of experience to the table. But we've designed our business model so you only pay for those experts if and when you need them. By providing flexible and customized solutions, Axer ensures your marketing dollars go farther and do more. Nearshore Marketing Discover the cost-effective solution for your marketing needs with Axer Strategies' Nearshore Marketing Services. Access top-notch marketing talent from Mexico for less than hiring a US employee. Transform your marketing efforts with better collaboration, project management, and a wider pool of talent. Learn More DIGITAL FOUNDATION DIGITAL FOUNDATION FREE TOOLS Benchmark your website and find essential marketing improvements. PAID REPORTS Get deeper competitive data and advance information about your site. TECHNICAL SEO Take care of your SEO hygiene and be more accessible to Google bots. LOCAL SEO Make sure your business can be found consistently on maps and directories. ANALYTICS Build a way of measuring your marketing success with custom reporting. CONSULTING Bring in our marketing experts for a different perspective. CREATIVE CREATIVE DESIGN / BRANDING From a new logo to interior design, we can keep you looking fresh. WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT Build the perfect digital destination for your custom audience. VIDEO / PHOTOGRAPHY Tell your story in a new and creative way with video and photography. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT Sleep well at night knowing that someone is keeping up with your social media followers. CONTENT CREATION Now that you have them on your site, give your audience a reason to stay. ADVERTISING ADVERTISING SEM Have your message seen when it matters the most. SOCIAL MEDIA ADS Amplify your reach with Facebook and Instagram. DISPLAY / VIDEO ADS Put your brand on the billboards of the internet. MEDIA BUYING Broaden your reach with Radio, TV and traditional out of home advertising PUBLIC RELATIONS Give your brand a voice or change people's perspective. OTHER MARKETING MARKETING EVENT PLANNING We'll fully execute your marketing event. CRM Continue to invest in your customer relationships. CUSTOMER MODELING Mine your customer data and find lookalikes. LET'S GET STARTED ​Let's do this your way. When you're ready to take the next step for your brand, call, text, email, or connect with us on social media. 469-447-8858 Find us on LinkedIn

  • Marketing Agency | Axer Strategies

    At Axer Strategies, we're revolutionizing how businesses approach marketing by creating innovative digital strategies and leveraging a tested tech stack. Our mission is to optimize the efficiency of your marketing efforts and marketing teams. We leverage software, connect platforms, and craft marketing automations that will make even your traditional campaigns more effective and cost-efficient. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation New Digital Marketing Resources NEW Beginner's Guide to Canva: Transform Your Creativity Price $34.99 Add to Cart Detailed Website SEO Report Price $149.99 Add to Cart NEW Canva Training: Making a Design Price $34.99 Add to Cart FREE Social Media Content Ideas Price $0.00 Add to Cart FREE The Not Boring - Meta Description Checklist Price $0.00 Add to Cart Competitive Analysis Report Price $249.99 Add to Cart Best Seller Main Competitor Analysis + Spend Report Price $299.99 Add to Cart SEO Content Guide Price $199.99 Add to Cart STRATEGIC MARKETING AGENCY Axer means to align on an axis. To point. To orient. Axer Strategies is built to be innovative and adaptable. Using the latest in data collection and analytics, we build and execute completely custom marketing plans for a fraction of the cost. LEARN MORE ABOUT US Top Marketing Tech Stack for 2024 LEARN MORE POPULAR MARKETING SERVICES MARKETING STRATEGY We will work with your business to develop a custom marketing strategy that accomplishes your company's goals. NEARSHORE MARKETING Tap into the benefits of hiring a dedicated marketing resource from Mexico for a fraction of the cost of a US employee ADVERTISING STRATEGY Axer Strategies will build and execute a paid marketing strategy that will get the best return on your investment. CONTENT PRODUCTION Need content for social media, email marketing or website? We can create a workflow that will generate regular, compelling posts for your audience. MARKETING TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANT Transform your Marketing Strategy with AI. Streamline processes, boost ROI, and stay ahead. MARKETING SERVICES Click here to find out more about all the services we offer. SERVICES OUR TEAM With more than 20 years of marketing experience, the Axer Strategies team brings to the table an understanding of how to build and execute a winning marketing strategy on budget and on time. Read More > AXER STRATEGIES BLOG Top Marketing Tech Stack for 2023 612 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 Audience Segments - Tips and Tricks on Google Ads That You’re Not Using 309 0 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 Celebrating Our Marketing Agency's First Birthday and Sharing Our Key Strategies 183 0 4 likes. Post not marked as liked 4 Improve Your Advertising Skills With These Free Marketing Tools 293 0 7 likes. Post not marked as liked 7 How to Create an Ironclad SEO Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business 158 0 6 likes. Post not marked as liked 6 Why You Want Us On Your Marketing Team 248 0 6 likes. Post not marked as liked 6 FUNDAMENTAL AUDITS Remember grading your own project in school? This is kind of like that. Use our free tools to get a better view of your company's current online marketing efforts and where your digital marketing plan could improve. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR ADVANCED REPORTS #01 Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator TAKE ME THERE #02 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit AUDIT MY SITE #03 Online Business Listing Audit FIND MY LISTINGS LET'S GET STARTED ​Let's do this your way. When you're ready to take the next step, schedule a free 30-minute consultation to go over your business goals and marketing challenges. 469-447-8858 Find us on LinkedIn

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  • Top Marketing Tech Stack for 2023

    The Axer Strategies agency tech stack includes best-in-class marketing technology to manage your web development, content creation, search engine optimization, social media, graphic design, business development, and project management. At Axer, we've employed this SAAS suite to streamline the entire marketing and lead generation process to help us enhance results. Employing this tech stack also helped cut costs for the agency as it was reframing its operations during the last two years. By automating difficult, repetitive, or time-consuming marketing functions that are traditionally done by a marketing team member, Axer Strategies was able to pass along its cost-savings to its clients, helping create efficiencies beyond its own walls. If you're looking for ways to automate your internal processes, these are the tools we recommend: Web Development · Website creation via Wix’s robust website builder. With access to 900+ strategically designed templates and advanced SEO and marketing tools, you can build your brand online in a time-saving, cost-effective manner. No knowledge of coding or open-source plugins required! · Customize your eCommerce store with Shopify, the number one eCommerce platform for all businesses. Shopify offers everything you need to start selling online immediately; quick and easy setup, secure shopping, and mobile-ready commerce, all with budget-friendly pricing. Search Engine Optimization Software & Keyword Generation · Whether it’s SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, or Content Marketing, SEMRush offers 50+ must-have marketing tools with subscription plans that fit your needs. USE SEMRush as a SERP tracker, site health checker, traffic analytics tool, backlink checker or, with 20B+ keywords, a keyword generation tool. AI-Powered Copywriting Tools · CopyAI is a talented, intuitive content marketing and copywriting tool powered by artificial intelligence. Whether working on your blog, social media content, online ads or landing pages, CopyAI makes affordable high-converting copy a reality applicable to every corner of the Internet. · Anyword is a content marketing tool powered by artificial intelligence that facilitates the creation of intriguing and persuasive articles and specializes in evergreen content that drives conversions. ChatGPT ChatGPT is a large language model that uses artificial intelligence to answer questions and generate text in natural language. As an AI language model, it can provide helpful insights, offer recommendations, or engage in casual conversations. There are both paid and free versions of ChatGPT available. The free version provides access to a limited range of functions, while the paid version offers more advanced features and capabilities. Users should consider their needs and intended usage when deciding between the two options. Graphic Design · Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. Use it to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos, and more. Launched in 2013, Canva recently reached the 100M User mark! · Fiverr is your outsourced marketplace for design. Connect to freelancers with proven experience using Fiverr’s Rising Talent badge or find the perfect professional for your job quickly and easily using Fiverr’s quality smart algorithm tool. Lead & Call Tracking Software · CallRail is a call tracking and marketing analytics platform that helps businesses understand which campaigns are driving inbound leads via calls, texts, forms, and/or chats. Check your statistics online and in real-time. · Seamless AI is a marketing intelligence platform to find and develop sales leads. It makes it easy to find people, get emails and phone numbers, and use insights to build relationships. Seamless AI data can import directly into your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Project Management · continually ranks among the best project management softwares because of its versatility, scalability, affordable price tag, and impressive features. Plan, manage, and collaborate on any project, from basic projects to complex portfolio management, teams deliver more efficiently with · Asana is a simple project management solution built to help your team reach its goals. Track tasks, define workflows, and plan, organize, and manage your team's work, from start to finish. Bookkeeping & Payroll Tools · Gusto is a full-service payroll, HR, and benefits platform serving over 100,000 small businesses nationwide. Gusto provides solutions for employee benefit plans in over 38 states. Gusto is also a completely cloud-based platform that offers software integrations with platforms like Xero and QuickBooks. · From simple income and expense tracking to powerful cash flow management and reporting, Intuit by QuickBooks is a full-featured business and financial management suite customizable to the needs of any size business in order to keep your finances organized. Vacation Rental Software They offer a great, affordable solution for vacation rental owners and property managers. With your new vacation rental software, you'll enjoy: Designing a beautiful and optimized website for your growing business Managing all reservations from one place Accepting secure credit card payments and online bookings Synchronizing availability calendars with your external booking channels (, Airbnb, etc.) … and much more! You can sign up for their FREE 7-day trial here to get the ball rolling.

  • Audience Segments - Tips and Tricks on Google Ads That You’re Not Using

    To be successful on Google Ads, you need to know how to create the best ad groups with their own set of keywords and ads, as well as how to use bidding strategies such as manual CPC bidding and how to optimize for the right conversion. But even after you’ve mastered those techniques, there are still many tips and tricks you can use to get more out of your campaigns. Here are some of our favorite audience segments that you may want to use for targeting. 1) Target Audiences Based on Data from Google Analytics Did you know you can segment your audience based on your data in Google Analytics? If a lot of your customers or prospective customers come from Dallas, add a location-based segment to show these people ads while they’re browsing in Dallas, Texas. You can also create remarketing lists for people who have visited specific pages of your website. For example, if someone visits Try Now, put them into an audience list to show them ads after they leave your site. This is a great solution for capturing warm leads! What’s even better? Start with What Google Audience Segments Are: According to Google, "You can add audience segment targeting to ad groups and reach people based on who they are, their interests and habits, what they’re actively researching, or how they've interacted with your business." Read more about Audience Segments here. Then, watch this video by Ray Sawvell: As mentioned in the video above, there is a way for you to import audience templates other users have made! You can access that Google Analytics Solutions Gallery here and it looks like this: 2) Build Audiences Based on Competitor Data One of our favorite things about Google's Audiences tool is how powerful it is when used in conjunction with competitor data. The more data points you use in your audience targeting, the better. So, if you're looking to build an audience around visitors to a specific site, there's no better place to start than by pulling intel from your competition. Pulling data from a direct competitor should give you insights into what sort of visitors they attract—ideas for which types of people are visiting their site (e.g., geographic location or interests). Plus, knowing who your competitors are in general can be hugely beneficial when it comes to audience building—specifically in terms of identifying shared traits (e.g., similar keywords used in search) between their sites and yours. Under the “Expand audiences by also including” choose “People who browse websites similar to.” Enter your competitors’ websites or create a separate audience for each competitor’s website. 3) How To Take Advantage of Audience Data In general, building segments based on user data is pretty simple: input certain characteristics into the ad interface, select or create a new segment, apply it to an ad group or campaign. However, setting up custom audience segments can be a tricky task. Here are three tips for creating effective custom audience segments in Google Ads: Don't Focus Too Much On Audience Size: The number of people included in your segment is important to keep in mind when creating audience data segments; however, the quality of those visitors matters more than quantity. To build meaningful and responsive audiences, start with a small pool of highly-engaged users who have proven themselves valuable to your business (i.e., are likely to convert). Use Multiple Data Points to Make More Accurate Audiences: By adding other relevant audience criteria like browser type, time spent on site, or device targeting, you’ll give yourself more options for useful audiences as well as prevent overlap between segments. For example, if your company sells both men’s and women’s shoes online, add browsing history to determine gender. Test Your Audience Setup Before Going Live: Once you've finished creating audiences from multiple data points, test them out prior to activating them for real-world use. This will help minimize any issues that could arise due to overlap, unclear definitions of interests, or performance variances between different ads. If necessary, make adjustments at every step along the way and re-test each time. Doing so allows you to improve the effectiveness before going live with your audience segments. Allocate some time and even budget to test several options over a short period before deciding on what works best for you—you may find ways to make easy adjustments or optimizations before spending your budget. Keep these tips in mind while planning out how to implement custom audience segments into your strategy. In a search-driven economy, knowing how to use audience segments (and optimize them properly) is essential. To help businesses everywhere better leverage Google’s AdWords audience segmentation feature, Axer will review your current campaign and make recommendations for optimizing these segments. Contact us today to help optimize your Google Ads account. Send this article to your ads manager, we’d love to connect and solve your marketing problem. (To hear more about Axer's approach, you can read about us here.)

  • Celebrating Our Marketing Agency's First Birthday and Sharing Our Key Strategies

    What a year! As if starting an agency wasn't a challenge enough, layer on a pandemic and the downturn of our economy. I'm sure, just like me, many of you reading this are feeling the pinch and worry of the future. While I cannot guarantee your success, or give you the "secret sauce," perhaps I can share what we've learned while building our business. What is the purpose of marketing agencies? One of the first things I had to overcome while building this marketing agency is deciding what a marketing agency should be. In my experience, an agency was an expensive extension of your marketing team with out of the box ideas and talented designers & producers. I know many in the Dallas area that fit that exact description. I'm not knocking on those leading agencies that have built their reputation on great ideas and incredible campaigns! I thought there was another way of creating a marketing agency that made marketing more accessible to the small to mid-level clients that can't afford to pay the top agency price point. How digital marketing firms can help you achieve goals? Whether you're working with a large digital marketing firm or a virtual marketing agency like ours, we believe that with the right strategy, you can achieve your goals using digital. And if you're not entirely sold on this idea, think about your own online experience. When trying to make a purchasing decision, where do you go? Probably Google, but more and more people are going to social media and video sites like YouTube. Digital marketing firms can help you achieve your goals by analyzing your data, competitive landscape, and creating a marketing strategy. What goes into a fantastic marketing plan? Speaking from experience, marketing a marketing agency is tough! We've had to take all of the advice and strategies we've built for our startup clients and get at it. A fantastic marketing plan for ANY business is consist of these top 5 tips: Using all your free marketing tools - we've got a blog post on this. Creating an ironclad SEO strategy for your website. It's the building blocks of your identity online. Do the work and the research! Owning your online reputation and working on building brand promoters. Analyzing your website/campaign data to understand areas where you can make the journey better for the user. Building loyalty by developing content that genuinely connects with the customer It's all of these points that have help grow our traffic, conversion, leads and clients. What are the top digital marketing services? Most of our clients (just like you) have their own definition of what marketing is and what it's responsibilities are to their business. But just to set the record straight, marketing is anything consumer-facing. Everything from what they see on your website to the receipt they get when they've made a purchase. “Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.” — Jonah Sachs, Author Top 5 digital marketing services to include in your marketing plan: Technical and Local Search Engine Optimization Design and branding, inclusive of video and photography Website development and content creation Social media management and advertising Digital media buying to broaden your reach Being the best marketing agency The best marketing partner will make sure the client fully understands their options and available strategies to meet their goals. With Axer Strategies, we build your marketing strategy by analyzing your data, goals, and competitive landscape. Then, with the help of our Axer Network we will find the right subject matter expert to execute your plan while we project manage from start to finish. Top 3 Proven Marketing Strategies Our clients span several niches that include the cyber security, government, legal and health & beauty industries. Although each of them are at different stages in their marketing development, I've learned that the number one thing they need to do is: Grow your online authority. Many business owners think that throwing up a website and social media handle will be enough. As if the old brick and mortar mentality of "build it and they will come" applied to the online space. With so many options online, it takes more than a slick website to persuade a user to perform a transaction with you. You've got to grow your authority by creating unique content that gives value to the internet and your end user. And once you've got a flow of relevant content, your next challenge is building trust and one of the best ways you can do that is have good quality reviews. Visit our digital marketing tools page to run a free audit and know where you stand on this strategy. Be where the people are. When thinking of investing dollars into advertising, many of my clients ask me what the best way to approach this is. My thoughts are that you should invest in the marketing channels that are already working for you and if those haven't become apparent to you, then maybe you're not ready to be spending the big dollars. Instead, go back and get your organic conversions flowing, then invest in the one that is giving you the best return on your investment. Tell your brand story. I've seen that the best results come from when a business shares its uniquely authentic stories. When their social media posts are diversified with entertaining, informative, or moving content, we see brands go far beyond their expectations and goals. Axer Strategies' Year End Review Online is where everyone is turning for business. But it's not enough to just be online, you've got to contribute. And if you want customers to like you enough to make a purchase or sign a contract, you've got to make a connection through what you contribute anywhere online. So, make it count! Click here find out why I started Axer Strategies & why you want us on your team. Happy Birthday, Axer Strategies!

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  • Free Marketing Consultation

    This 30-minute FREE consultation will be structured in the following format: - 5-minute intros - 15-minute marketing questionnaire + brainstorm - 10-minute review, Q&A, and next steps To make this the most efficient call, please come prepared to answer the following questions: What is your business, and who is your target audience? How do you make sales now, and what is the value of one new customer (on average)? What marketing have you tried in the past, and what do you think you need? We are excited to meet with you. Feel free to email me if you have any questions before our meeting. Best, David Estrada Axer Strategies & Estrada Marketing

  • 1 Hour Marketing Consulting Call

    Unleash the potential of your business with a 1-hour marketing consulting call from Axer Strategies. Join David Estrada for valuable insights, brainstorming sessions, and personalized Q&A to help define the path to your business success. Discover new strategies and unlock the full potential of your business today.

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