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Why I started Axer Strategies - A Dallas Based Virtual Marketing Agency

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

As I mentioned in this article by the Dallas Voice, because Axer Strategies is entirely virtual, we have little to no overhead cost. We hire freelancers from around the world according to your marketing strategy and their experience. We don't believe in marking up their work; instead, we make our money by developing the strategy and project managing the execution. That means as much of your marketing budget as possible is actually going toward your marketing goals.

By not marking up the work of our contractors, we might be "leaving money on the table" as they say. But Axer’s goal isn’t just to make as much money as possible off our clients; instead, we offer an approach that is honest, transparent, and puts the client’s interests first. At Axer Strategies, we think this kind of approach is the future of marketing.

How does a traditional marketing/advertising agency work?

Every agency’s overall goal is the same: to convert your target audience into new customers, retain your current customer base, improve sales and revenue, and grow your business and brand.

In many agencies, when you sign on to be a client, they assign you an account executive and a team of account coordinators, supervisors, directors, and etc. Such a large staff means the agency carries a lot of overhead. This model reduces speed, transparency, overall quality of delivery, and, most importantly, eats away at your advertising budget. You're likely paying inflated prices because the agency is trying to create a profit margin and recover their overhead cost for running the agency.

The best marketing agency business model

At Axer Strategies, we meet with you and learn about your unique business goals, challenges, and target audience. Then, we create custom marketing strategies based on that information. and oversee the execution of your marketing campaigns - whether that’s through our network of vetted freelance experts or with your own internal marketing team. We provide regular reports and optimizations to refine our marketing strategy until we hit our goal.

It took several years of working with traditional agencies to realize that the industry needed a new option that better served the client. Instead of modeling ourselves after our competitors, Axer could do something truly different. This simple shift in perspective helped me get over the fear of becoming just another agency in a crowded field.

Forging a new path comes with its challenges, of course. Not following a "7 Steps to Start Your Own Marketing Agency" plan can cause a lot of anxiety and be overwhelming at times. But ultimately, building a better, smarter, and more efficient marketing agency makes it all worth it.

If you want to put more of your marketing money into actual marketing instead of your agency’s pockets, contact Axer Strategies today!

Update: Now, 2 years after writing this post, I'm happy to mention that we've been named Top Digital Marketing Agencies In Texas by DesignRush and Top Content Marketing Agencies in Dallas by UpCity

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