Improve Your Advertising Skills With These Free Marketing Tools

Surviving the first year in business can be one of the biggest challenges a small business will face. About 20% of small businesses will fail within their first year.

As a business owner yourself, it's only natural that this statistic might strike fear into your heart. But what if we told you that it didn't need to be this way? What if we told you that not only were there measures totally within your control that could stop you from joining the ranks of these failing businesses, but that these measures would ensure that you soared above and beyond the competition?

Well, it's true! All you need are free marketing tools that will help you reach out to your target audience and gain online traffic. Read on to learn some advertising strategies that will ensure that your business rises to new heights and succeeds where others fail.

Marketing ROI Calculator

Getting a high return on your marketing investment (ROI) is important for any business, but sometimes it can be really difficult to know how much you're actually getting back. Calculating your marketing ROI can require a lot of expert tools and knowledge if you don't have the right program.

Fortunately, though, you can use this free ROI calculator from Axer Strategies to easily see how much money you're getting back from your marketing investments. Though the ROI information that you receive will be estimates rather than dollar-for-dollar calculations, it will still give you a clearer picture of how beneficial each marketing investment that you're making is to your business growth.

Specifically, our ROI calculator will tell you:

  • Which marketing investments are doubling or giving you back 200% ROI (these are things that you should focus the majority of your efforts on)

  • Which marketing investments have the highest return

  • Which marketing investments are making you money despite not being as high as other ones

  • Which marketing investments are losing money

This information will be given to you on a user-friendly color-coded scale, so even if you aren’t mathematically inclined, you can still easily understand the information!

With this knowledge, you'll be able to appropriately decide what marketing investments to continue paying for and which ones you should cut back on. Without a way to measure your ROI on your marketing efforts, you'll be trying to make these choices blindly and could wind up cutting back on investment that's been generating a lot of leads. You also could wind up shelling out a lot of cash into an investment that you think should be working but is actually losing you money.

When you know what investments are successful and which aren't, you also will be able to market to your audience more effectively. An ROI calculator gives you definitive information as to what consumers are responding to. This means that you can put more effort into the marketing strategies that are actually effective rather than the ones that are missing the mark.

Search Engine Optimization SEO Website Auditing

At this point, you likely already know how SEO works. However, did you know that you can see how well your current SEO practices are really working?

As you already know, search engine crawlers look on all websites - including yours - to see which ones have the most content related to specific keywords. These same crawlers look to see whether sites are linked to other credible sources and which pages get high traffic and customer engagement.

In order for your site to look good to search engine crawlers and therefore be good for SEO, you need to know if there are any surface-level issues with your website. Although you could have someone painstakingly comb through each of your blog posts to identify broken links, missing meta tags, and low-quality content, that would be both expensive and time-consuming. . Instead, you can opt for a free website audit that will analyze how your page looks in terms of SEO content!

Some ranking factors that this search engine optimization (seo) audit tool will find out for you are:

  • Whether there is any duplicate content on your website, including similar words, phrases, passages, or even full blog posts

  • The possible existence of broken links that need to be replaced with updated backlinks

  • Technical problems that your pages may have, including indexability and implementation

  • Keywords that you're trying to rank for but are failing at ranking for

  • High-volume keywords to focus your efforts on in the future

Solving any housekeeping problems that your website has not only ensures that search engine crawlers don't overlook it because of broken links and bad keywords, but also ensures that your audience will have a better overall experience with your website. By eliminating these issues, you'll increase the speed of your website and prevent people from needing to wait for your page to buffer.

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