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SEO Software: Digital Marketing Tech Stack

Take a look inside for the best marketing technology and marketing tech software.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate marketing team, or a savvy side-hustler; launching a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign for your website can be challenging and pricey, especially without dedicated human resources with coding experience.

Semrush SEO Software Animated Analytics Toolbox

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software, or organic search marketing software, has become a staple for digital marketers because it reduces the amount of time needed for manual keyword research, drastically increases accuracy as it relates to data analysis, and improves results overall with programming designed to guide users through improving website ranking, content and the performance of many digital marketing disciplines.

Nevertheless, as Martech solutions grow to nearly 10,000, close to half (47%) of marketers agree that they are overwhelmed by technology (Source: Clevertouch). So in this blog article, Axer Strategies will walk you through our Top Marketing Tech Stack and our chosen SEO provider. We are here to offer your guidance on selecting the most effective SEO software on the market and to help get you up and running so you can better perform across your digital marketing efforts.

Understanding the SEO Software Marketplace

Search engines revolutionized how people find information daily, and they strive to put the best content at the forefront of a user's search. With the standards of the space in constant flux, keeping up with the best practices of SEO is a challenge.

Search Engine Optimization software is designed to improve the ranking of websites in search engine results pages (SERPs) without paying the search engine provider for placement. SEO software – and understanding your website’s search data, traffic, and rankings – should be considered a “must-have” for any business owner, entrepreneur, and marketer.

The most effective SEO tools not only deliver on the above, but they also provide invaluable insight into your competition. The best SEO tools not only offer competitor reports but also point you toward where competitors are creating opportunities for you!

In addition, if you manage more than one website, SEO tools can help you track all major metrics (such as rankings and traffic) across multiple platforms at once, which allows you to quickly and efficiently monitor each site's performance country-by-country, region-by-region, or language-by-language all from one central location.

What is Semrush?

How to use Semrush?

Video: SemRush Tutorial for Beginners: Step-By-Step Guide to Using Semrush

Can I use Semrush for free?

Final Thoughts


What is Semrush?

Semrush is a leading online SEO software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. With over 55 products, tools and add-ons across online visibility management, including tools for search, content, social media and market research, data for more than 142 countries, seamless integration with Google and task management platforms SEO experts and over 10 million users agree; Semrush is a critical tool for all those serious about online presence.

Semrush will help you optimize your website and provide insight into what keywords are driving traffic to your competitors’ sites. And, Semrush informs more than your website’s optimization. While Semrush offers extensive features surrounding SEO (keyword research, rank tracking, link building), Semrush also offers features to enhance your Content Marketing (content creation, distribution, optimization), Market Research (market analysis, paid advertising), Advertising (PPC keyword research), Social Media Management and more.

Internet marketers all over the world trust Semrush. It's used by a number of businesses, big and small. Major companies such as Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Forbes, IBM, and more use Semrush’s massive database of over 25.8 billion keywords and 808 million domains crawled.

How to use Semrush?

Semrush has tons of reports and features designed to help marketers climb the SERPs. Overall, it has proven to make a positive impact on your website performance, content marketing, market research, advertising, social media marketing and more.

Semrush Academy offers users a learning destination for digital marketing in their offering areas. The Semrush blog offers tremendous theory and executional learning tutorials that you can follow step-by-step to help you grow your knowledge base. Not only do they have an extensive library of free videos and articles on their website but they also publish new content daily.

Semrush’s YouTube channel also has extensive demos on how to use SEMrush cloud and other useful tips for beginners. With over 200+ videos published by the Semrush team covering everything from keyword research tools to competitor analysis tools, there is definitely something for everyone!

What is the difference between Semrush and Google Analytics?

The central difference between Semrush and Google Analytics is that Google Analytics is an internal service studying your own website, while Semrush is an external service studying other company’s websites. Basically, since you can’t get into another site’s internal statistics, Semrush offers the next best thing.

Diving a bit deeper; Semrush Traffic Analytics is based on clickstream data that comes from multiple proprietary and 3rd party data sources, Semrush’s proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms. Google Analytics, on the other hand, gathers data directly from your website through a custom JavaScript tracking code that you (or the webmaster or site owner) placed within the code of the site.

If you only want to analyze your own website traffic without comparing it with others, Google Analytics can offer that data. But there is no competitive analysis, no guidance, no advising on content. It is an analytical tool, solely.

Can I use Semrush for free?

Semrush offers a free plan with limited functionality that allows you to use their site for free for 14 days. After this period, you'll need to upgrade to one of their three main plans which begin at $139.95 monthly with a discount available for annual commitments.

Semrush also offers custom packages by request as well as personal demos if you're interested in learning more about what they offer and how it works before committing to your purchase decision.

Final Thoughts

Semrush is an indispensable tool for any who needs their website to perform. There’s no need to reinvent the SEO wheel on repetitive tasks for your business. Unless the wheel is flat. That’s why we’re happy to share our Axer Tech Stack Affiliates like Semrush. Plus, you can follow Axer Strategies on LinkedIn for use case scenarios that are driving success for our clients. Finally, be sure to sign up for the Axer Strategies Marketing Mentorship email newsletter for access to our internal library of SOPs and exclusive tips and tricks on how to use your tech stack to achieve your marketing and web development goals.

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I've been using semrush lately and it's a great tool to get content ideas, save up on time on researching keywords and they have a pretty good website audit tool that will give you some general instructions on how to perform tasks. Great for beginner to intermediate. Compared to other software the price is about the same, it's not cheap but it really just comes down to the fact that they have all the different tools in one single location which makes it so much easier. I have used everything from moz, to free keyword generators, hubspot to answerthepub to screamingfrog.

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