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How an Agency Can Be Transparent and Offer Smart Marketing

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

At Axer Strategies, we run our business with full transparency. Isn't that why we sign non-disclosure agreements?

When you are a client or vendor of Axer Strategies, we promise prompt responses, detailed explanations, and complete transparency.

This is how our Dallas based Advertising / Marketing Agency works.

We meet with you and ask questions that give us a better picture of your current marketing efforts. We learn your goals, pain points, and sales process.

Then we run back to the lab and research your industry, competitors, target market/audience, and anything else that would add more context to the information you already gave us.

After that, we come back to you with a custom marketing strategy designed to solve your challenges and achieve your business goals. Based on your feedback, and honest, ongoing dialogue, we make adjustments, gather any additional data needed, and flesh out the details.

Choose your own custom execution path

Once we're at the point where you like the game plan, you can either:

  1. Internal Execution - Have your internal marketing team take the strategy and follow our execution plan. We'll follow up with you regularly to check on how things are going and look for opportunities to optimize. 

  2. We Work Together - You outsource some portions of the execution, but dedicate the time or staff to help. We introduce our Project Director - Evy Camacho, who will ensure we are on task and will meet our deadlines.

  3. Turnkey Solution - You outsource everything to Axer. We will provide regular check-ins and reports.

And if that's not custom enough- let us know! We want our strategy to be the right fit for you.

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies

Our strategies include digital marketing products or services, traditional mass media, and experiential marketing. This includes Social Media Marketing, Web design, Video Production, Reputation Management, Radio, TV, and other marketing services.

After you get the perfect marketing mix for your target customer, we start to have conversations with our Axer Network vendors. These are freelance vendors and specialized agencies that we bring on to work on that specific piece of the plan. Through us, they get all of the vital information and overall vision for your marketing.

Our vendors provide feedback on the plan and add additional data points that either validate or answer some of our preliminary hypotheses. Having our vetted network of experts offer their perspective that increases our accuracy in achieving your goals.

What we expect from our clients

What we ask of you is to keep us informed on what else is going on with the business or industry that could affect your budget, marketing plan, or company structure.

Axer's revenue comes from building winning strategies, project managing, executing on behalf of the client, and optimizing to hit your marketing goals.

Our ideal client is the owner of a medium to large business or a marketing executive who is ready to take ownership of their marketing and build a successful plan.

Our new type of marketing agency might not work for everyone, but if you like accountability, transparency, and smarter marketing, Axer Strategies is the best fit for you.

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