Celebrating Our Marketing Agency's First Birthday and Sharing Our Key Strategies

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

What a year! As if starting an agency wasn't a challenge enough, layer on a pandemic and the downturn of our economy. I'm sure, just like me, many of you reading this are feeling the pinch and worry of the future. While I cannot guarantee your success, or give you the "secret sauce," perhaps I can share what we've learned while building our business.

What is the purpose of marketing agencies?

One of the first things I had to overcome while building this marketing agency is deciding what a marketing agency should be. In my experience, an agency was an expensive extension of your marketing team with out of the box ideas and talented designers & producers. I know many in the Dallas area that fit that exact description.

I'm not knocking on those leading agencies that have built their reputation on great ideas and incredible campaigns! I thought there was another way of creating a marketing agency that made marketing more accessible to the small to mid-level clients that can't afford to pay the top agency price point.

How digital marketing firms can help you achieve goals?

Whether you're working with a large digital marketing firm or a virtual marketing agency like ours, we believe that with the right strategy, you can achieve your goals using digital.

And if you're not entirely sold on this idea, think about your own online experience. When trying to make a purchasing decision, where do you go? Probably Google, but more and more people are going to social media and video sites like YouTube.

Digital marketing firms can help you achieve your goals by analyzing your data, competitive landscape, and creating a marketing strategy.

What goes into a fantastic marketing plan?

Speaking from experience, marketing a marketing agency is tough! We've had to take all of the advice and strategies we've built for our startup clients and get at it.

A fantastic marketing plan for ANY business is consist of these top 5 tips:

  1. Using all your free marketing tools - we've got a blog post on this.

  2. Creating an ironclad SEO strategy for your website. It's the building blocks of your identity online. Do the work and the research!

  3. Owning your online reputation and working on building brand promoters.

  4. Analyzing your website/campaign data to understand areas where you can make the journey better for the user.

  5. Building loyalty by developing content that genuinely connects with the customer

It's all of these points that have help grow our traffic, conversion, leads and clients.

What are the top digital marketing services?

Most of our clients (just like you) have their own definition of what marketing is and what it's responsibilities are to their business. But just to set the record straight, marketing is anything consumer-facing. Everything from what they see on your website to the receipt they get when they've made a purchase.

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.” — Jonah Sachs, Author

Top 5 digital marketing services to include in your marketing plan:

  1. Technical and Local Search Engine Optimization

  2. Design and branding, inclusive of video and photography

  3. Website development and content creation

  4. Social media management and advertising

  5. Digital media buying to broaden your reach

Being the best marketing agency

The best marketing partner will make sure the client fully understands their options and available strategies to meet their goals. With Axer Strategies, we build your marketing strategy by analyzing your data, goals, and competitive landscape. Then, with the help of our Axer Network we will find the right subject matter expert to execute your plan while we project manage from start to finish.

Top 3 Proven Marketing Strategies

Our clients span several niches that include the cyber security, government, legal and health & beauty industries. Although each of them are at different stages in their marketing development, I've learned that the number one thing they need to do is:

Grow your online authority.

Many business owners think that throwing up a website and social media handle will be enough. As if the old brick and mortar mentality of "build it and they will come" applied to the online space. With so many options online, it takes more than a slick website to persuade a user to perform a transaction with you.

You've got to grow your authority by creating unique content that gives value to the internet and your end user. And once you've got a flow of relevant content, your next challenge is